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Bright Talkers Fosters Confidence Through Effective Communication Skills for Children of All Ages. 

Providing online speech therapy services for families in North Carolina, South Carolina, AND Georgia.

Face-to-face services are available in Greenville County, SC.

Private online speech therapy

Does your child demonstrate any of the following?

  • Says fewer than nine words by 16 months?

  • Says fewer than 50 words by the age 2?

  • Trouble saying two-word sentences by age 2?

  • Trouble saying three-word sentences by age 3?

  • Trouble identifying common items or following simple commands?

  • Trouble pronouncing certain sounds?

  • Is their speech hard to understand?

  • Do they stutter when they speak?

"Yes, my child has one or more signs, what next?"

​If you answered yes to any of the questions, your child may benefit from speech therapy services. With Bright Talkers, we work closely with each family's child to provide personalized and realistic goals. Bright Talkers focuses on providing services in a fun and motivated approach that will allow you and your child to utilize the techniques daily. 

How It Works


Affordable Evaluations

We provide informal and formal evaluations depending on the child. It is typically conducted using formal assessments, parental interviews, speech and language milestones, language sampling, and clinical observation. 


Individualized speech and language therapy are conducted in homes, child care centers in the area of Greenville County, SC and/or through teletherapy within the state of South Carolina, North Carolina, AND Georgia. Duration and frequency of sessions are determined case by case.

Meet Hajar Boucteb, MS CCC-SLP

Meet Hajar Boucteb, MS CCC-SLP

Owner/Speech-Language Pathologist

Hajar is a passionate Speech-Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and specializes in pediatric services. Hajar has been working with children for almost 10 years beginning as an educator and then earning her Master's in Communication Disorders. From then, as a certified speech-language pathologist, she provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children face-to-face within Greenville County, SC as well as virtually within the entire state of South Carolina and North Carolina.

Bright Talkers Has The Solution!

Private speech teletherapy

Access quality therapy right from the comfort of your home. Avoid the commute and save time.

It's That Simple?!

Bilingual speech therapy

After school? Early morning? Grandma's house? No problem. Hajar will work with you to schedule times that are convenient to YOU.

Your Time
Your Place

Private language therapy

Personalized therapy with research-based approaches delivered via a HIPAA-compliant platform. Plus, you get unlimited communication with your therapist!

Build Trust

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